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Get more out of your weekend in Las Vegas with attractions off the strip.See smaller crowds but still plenty of action!

有这么多事情要做Las Vegas如果你想在大街上度过一个周末。Many activities are located away from the hustle and bustle.Here's a guide to fitting in all the fun when spending a weekend in Las Vegas off the strip.


What's the best way to start your Friday in Vegas?With dinner,当然。吃脱衣舞最好的地方之一是Flock and Fowl.品尝美味的鸡肉三明治,或者从菜单上选择其他美味菜肴。

The perfect home base for your weekend off the strip is the工匠精品酒店,where unique is the theme.想想定制房间,时髦的艺术品,和当代人,cool vibe.

If you are traveling with kids,you might prefer the family-friendly digs at科特斯旅馆in downtown Las Vegas,有宽敞的房间,餐饮选择and on-site gambling for the adults.

Once you have unloaded your baggage,换了衣服准备过夜,go for a stroll down拉斯维加斯市中心标志性的佛蒙特街.You've got your choice of casinos and clubs to visit all night long.

Saturday Morning

Hope you slept well last night because you're about to tackle your first full day of touring and entertainment.你在拉斯维加斯的48小时里,时钟在滴答滴答地响着,so get going!

Jumpstart your day with coffee and a light yabobreakfast at公用电话,a canteen-style cafe,在这里,朴素的装饰让顾客专注于这家备受赞誉的咖啡馆令人难以置信的饮料风味和悠闲的氛围。

前往拉斯维加斯艺术区浏览服装精品店复古Vegas,在那里你可以享受所有的古董,从家具到唱片,以及两者之间的一切。Don't forget to check in at the艺术工厂,a repurposed warehouse where you can linger and view some pieces from up-and-coming artists.

突然进入Makers and Finders在一个忙碌的早晨之后,品尝一些正宗的拉丁美食。或者,if Italian fare is more your flavor,退房Esther's Kitchen.


制造商和寻找者咖啡,Las Vegas,胡安·何塞·阿塞夫斯的特洛佛照片

Saturday Evening

虽然这座城市的街道从来没有睡过,周六晚上能量激增。Tonight is going to stand out when you remember your 48 hours in Las Vegas.

Start your next leg of adventure off the strip with a hike to the famousRed Rock Canyon.有很多路要走,depending on your skill and comfort level,all of which promise fantastic scenery.

red rock canyon las vegas

Red Rock Canyon,Las Vegas,Trover Photo by Steve Terakami

毫无疑问,你在砂岩峭壁和洞穴中漫步之后,食欲大增,so sit down and unwind atFat Choy.你不仅可以期待一次诱人的亚洲融合体验,但这个地方也有气氛,住在一个翻修过的历史赌场里。和你的船员坐下来点炒饭,pork belly sliders,或者一个美味的酒吧汉堡,all of which are highly recommended and great for sharing.

当周六晚上太阳落山时,you should head to the燃料库轿车downtown and party until the wee hours with live music,特色鸡尾酒,和特色饮料。


你好,阳光!你在拉斯维加斯只剩下24小时了,so it's time to seize the day.

在星期天的早晨,先喝点手工咖啡,在那里你可以啜饮早餐饮料并查看记录。yabo这家酷酷的咖啡店宣扬了Beatnik的氛围,with music,poetry,comedy,独立电影放映。

Next stop is theMob Museum.你可以学到很多关于有组织犯罪在拉斯维加斯基础建设中的作用.听听臭名昭著的暴徒和追捕他们的执法队的故事。

在拉斯维加斯吃最后一顿午餐,consider the casual urban eatery卡森厨房.You won't be disappointed if you order the Gyro Tacos or Bacon Jam with baked brie.百胜!



例如,have you ever driven a sports car?参观Exotic Racing开一辆兰博基尼,Ferrari,或者阿斯顿马丁在一个完整的赛道上。这是你永远不会忘记的。

Las Vegas is known for its donuts,和可以找到最好的小盒.Pick up some pastries for a late night snack,看看这是怎么回事。

While you are digging into your donuts,参观集装箱公园.这是一个了不起的公园,completely constructed from old shipping containers.


如果你能想象,you can do it in a weekend in Vegas.Check out current deals to see what's possible.

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