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Most Dog-friendly Vacation yabo2019软件Destinations in the US


Fetching the best places to travel with your pup

Dogs are loyal,laidback,and eager to explore—yes,they're man's best friend,but they also make for man's best travel companion!

Cities across the nation are becoming more pet-friendly by the minute,as they open dog-welcome attractions,serve up special doggy menus,并专门为四条腿指定海滩。

Because Fido belongs on all your adventures,we fetched some of the most dog-friendly cities in the U.S.These yabo2019软件destinations include attractions,旅行,还有餐馆,offering the greatest dog vacation ideas.According to Ryan,owner of Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund,“尤其是对我们来说,加利福尼亚,德克萨斯州,and Florida have all been pretty dog friendly," so you'll certainly see some of those yabo2019软件destinations pop up on our list.Dig up our recommendations and let the fur fly!

San Diego,California

A dog in a costume poses in front of the Dog Days of Summer Sign at Petco Park in San Diego

通孔Elle N./Yelp

If you've never seen the tail-wagging,tongue-flying excitement that occurs when a pup sees Dog Beach,那么是时候去圣地亚哥了。People aren't the only ones who sniff out San Diego for sandy coastlines and delightful climate—pups can't get enough of it either.The SoCal spot has a handful of off-leash beaches and parks—just wait until your pooch sees Fiesta Island!

According to Smart Assets,San Diego has over 530 dog-friendly restaurants,更不用说无数的酿酒厂,在那里你可以带着你的小狗喝一些当地的手工啤酒。San Diego is easily one of the most dog-friendly cities in the U.S.,as it hosts a number of canine-focused events,from the Surf Dog Series in Imperial Beach to the Dog Days of Summer Padre games at Petco Park.And if your dog's eye is always on the ball,你甚至可以去停车场,a private doggy viewing area in left-center field at the stadium.

Play ball and thenfind pet-friendly hotels in San Diegoto rest for the night.


You take man's best friend everywhere,奥斯汀也不例外。有后院酒吧和露天餐馆,this hot spot was practically made for you and your pup.Yard Bar,which has doggy (and human!) menus and an off-leash dog park,是镇上近500家宠物友好餐厅之一。

喜欢出汗吗?yaboTake a yoga class with Austin Doga and practice your downward facing dog pose together,or toss the Frisbee around at Red Bud Isle.If the temperatures are high,Barkin' Springs,outside of the Barton Springs Pool,is the perfect place for your puppy to make splash.Once the sun sets,settle in for a doggy date night at Blue Starlite Mini Urban Drive-In,安静的地方,行为端正的小狗是受欢迎的。

This is one of those dog-friendly vacation places you'll never want to leave,但你至少可以在选择奥斯汀最好的宠物友好型酒店。

Key Largo,Florida

You'll be pressed to find stuff youcan'tdo with your dog when it comes to a vacation in tropical Key Largo.事实上,萨曼莎·施瓦布,Chewy.com的宠物专家说,“我和我的狗一起度过的最好的假期是去基拉戈的公路旅行,Florida.在这里,we spent most of our time walking along their dog-friendly beaches and paddle boarding." Her French Bulldog,Royce,even went for a dip to cool off!

在所有适合养狗的度假胜地中,在基拉戈标记你的领土。At Tropic Water Sports,租一个干净的皮划艇或SUP桨板沿着入口滑行,你的狗O作为副驾驶,or bring your pup on a Key Largo Princess Glass Bottom Boat tour and have someone else do the steering.(别忘了把狗救生衣打包!)之后,put your paws in the sand at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park,and then head to Pilot House Restaurant for a sunset dinner for two,overlooking the marina.

After all those adventures,从基拉戈的各种宠物友好酒店中选择.


It takes having more than a few dog parks for a place to grace our list,and it's no wonder Alexandria made the cut.Stroll down King Street,and chances are you won't get one block before oh-ing and ah-ing at a dog or a two.Water bowls (and treats!) line the street,在那里,你的四条腿的人可以停下来喝一口,而你的窗口商店和沿着海滨散步。Stop in the pet-centric boutique,狗公园,在镇上各处的地方用餐。

“坐”和“呆”并不是你的小狗在亚历山大冒险时唯一知道的。Add presidential trivia to your dog's repertoire when you join the All the President's Pups Walking Tour at Mount Vernon.下一步,pack a doggy life vest and venture on a Canine Cruise with the Potomac Riverboat Company to sightsee around the Seaport.As for some good old-fashioned fun,the city has nearly 20 fenced and unfenced dog parks,所以你毛茸茸的朋友会变得狂野。

When it's time to put your paws up,choose from top pet-friendly hotels in Alexandria.


你和你的狗都同意带着开阔视野的远足。and in Bar Harbor,you'll find endless trails for your tails.事实上,Acadia National Park has 120 miles of dog-friendly hiking trails,当然还有45英里的公路,you'll capture some great footage for your pup's Instagram.Not only does Bar Harbor invite you and your four-legged friend to explore its rugged scenery,but the city also allows dogs aboard the city buses,making it easier than ever to get around town.

While you're exploring one of美国人最喜欢的目的地yabo2019软件,让你的小狗利用它的咸狗潜力在顺风干扰机上冒险。Together,you'll get your sea legs as you cruise around Frenchman Bay.When it's time for grub,chow down at one of the many pet-welcome eateries in town,from The Chart Room to Stewman's Lobster Pound Downtown.

准备好睡觉了吗?Find great options for pet hotels in Bar Harbor.


Some like to call Provincetown P-town,and it could very well be short for Pup-town.Venture here with your four-legged one and get ready to unleash the fun in this pet-welcome destination.绕着赛点灯塔远足,然后前往皮克公园。其中充满了以动物为中心的艺术装置。毕竟,Schwab says,"The locals we meet at dog parks always have the best recommendations for other things to do nearby with your dog."

Every dog has his day,你也可以体验一下他乘坐的“狗走”号帆船。当你在科德角海湾航行时,他会感觉到他皮毛上的风!If that's not wild enough for your daring dog,勇敢地前往省镇鬼魂之旅,发现这座城市的朝圣者和海盗充斥着过去。When it's feeding time,take your pick from any number of the dog-welcome restaurants along Commercial Street.

把你狗的能量都烧掉,然后look for pet-friendly hotels in Provincetown.

Little Rock,阿肯色州

宠物爱好者喜欢称这个州为巴坎萨斯,这不是巧合!Discover firsthand (or paw) why Little Rock is one of the best places you can vacation with your dog when you visit Bark Bar.Here you can let loose with an adult beverage,当你的小狗在户外的小狗空间里放松。If your furry one still has zoomies after that,run wild and off leash at Paws Park at Murray Lake,which has water troughs and fountains to splash in.

No Little Rock trip is complete without sniffing your way along Rock Valley Trail or exploring Pinnacle Mountain State Park.一旦你食欲大增,you'll find endless eateries where four-legged patrons are welcome,especially on Main Street.Pop into Crush Wine Bar or Boulevard Bread Company to start your food crawl.

When you're ready to retire,choose from manypet-friendly places to stay in Little Rock.


Follow the scent of the trail to Albuquerque,a dog-friendly spot and one of the bestunder-the-radar-cities in the nation.You'll soon see dogs everywhere you turn,from the outdoor patios to the brewpub favorites like Boxing Bear Brewing Co.事实上,the city is so adamant about having your pup around for happy hour that the Animal Humane New Mexico recently hosted a training class,Perfect Pub Pet,to help ensure pups have the best "pet-iquette."

Next,邀请菲多一起参加ABQ无轨电车之旅,了解这个城市,然后在沙漠中漫步。Spot the cave drawings along the Petroglyph National Monument hiking trail,or play a rousing game of fetch at Canine Skyline Dog Park.Better yet,during the famous Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta,head to North Domingo Baca Dog Park,where you can see the hot air balloons float through the sky while your dog makes some furry ABQ friends.

After too many rounds of fetch to count,check out choices for pet-friendly hotels in Albuquerque.


"We love to check out cool dog-friendly parks and beaches," says Leslie Mosier and Rob Chianelli,owners of celebrity Doug the Pug.Lucky for you and your furball,you'll find just that and more in Carmel-by-the Sea.在卡默尔海滩上挖些沙子,where your canine can charge around off leash and then chase some tails along 37 acres at Mission Trails Park.Scenic Road is also a great path for morning jogs along the coastline.

After some fun in the sand and sea,小跑到卡梅尔商业区,下午去买橱窗。Many of the businesses welcome dogs inside and even offer doggy treats.If your pup is a "good boy," spoil him to some goodies at Diggidy Dog,a pet boutique made with your pal in mind.When it's time to feast,you won't have any trouble finding pet-friendly patios in town.


Door County,Wisconsin

OK,OK,we know this next pet haven is actually a collection of towns,但它是如此的欢迎狗,we couldn't resist including the entire county!First stop: the dog beach at Whitefish Dunes.Your dog will beg you to return to this spot each day,but there are plenty of other dog-friendly spots to tackle,从石洛路树皮公园到挑战老鹰径。

带上贝拉帆船巡游的日落之帆,开启毛茸茸的乐趣。The company has a resident sailing dog,so as long as your pup is friendly and well behaved,她可以在船上交朋友。Rather an adventure for two?Bring your buddy (and a doggy lifejacket) on a Door County Kayak Tour and explore the local waterways.If you really want to see some ears perk up,在一年一度的Door County Scottie拉力赛期间参观小镇,one of the world's largest Scottie gatherings!

Choose where to lay your head in any of theDoor County欢迎宠物的酒店.

Before jet setting with your dog,check out some of the most commonly asked pet travel questions.

What have been some of your favorite vacations with dogs?Tell us in the comments!

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  1. Carmel-by-The-sea is the best dog friendly town!Beautiful beach with off-leash play for your furry friend.Many lodgings are dog friendly,还有几家餐馆甚至吹嘘有狗食菜单!We had a great time there with our miniature poodle.当心,however,that Fido is not welcome in the state parks nearby.

  2. You must stop at Door County Dog Store in Sturgeon Bay,on the east side,just off of our historic bridge.Great place to purchase any supply's for your dogs visit,or to take an apology gift home for your dog/cat if you didn't bring him/her with you,(你知道你感到内疚)。

  3. 麦金诺岛,密歇根是一个非常友好的狗的地方。The ferry across from Mackinaw City was very accommodating to our 2 dachshunds.They have watering stations at various shops around town,甚至还有宠物友好的餐厅露台,在那里你可以吃一口。In Mackinaw City we went to the fort with our dogs,尽管他们不被允许进入大楼,我们可以坐在户外演讲会上。They also had watering bowls.

  4. 格林维尔SC is very dog friendly.美丽的公园和餐馆甚至允许狗成为常客!我们甚至还有一个满是猫的咖啡馆!哈哈哈。I love our pet friendly little town!#yeahthatgreenville

  5. Savannah,Georgia is a very dog friendly town.为您最好的朋友提供住宿的好酒店,以及适合狗的餐厅。White trolley Tours are dog friendly too!所有的地区广场都有狗粪罐来帮助清理!

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