New York City photography guide

Where to take the best photos of New York City


擦亮你最喜欢的镜头?把你的三脚架打包好了?Time to find the best places to take photos in New York

Once you've settled in to your酒店,it's time to hit the streets and hunt downamazing spotsto take photos in the city.You're sure to return home with some incredible shots after taking a look through this handy New York photography cheat sheet.


Which New York City streets to photograph

Trying to find where to take the best street photography in NYC is not difficult.  Every twist and turn in this iconic metropolis will serve up scenes that make for brilliant street shots.Whether you want vivid street art,指挥结构或奇怪的面孔,纽约的每一个摄影师都有这样的东西。

Here is what to do,where to go,以及如何拍摄纽约市最好的街道照片。


纽约市鼓吹创造力,没有比在街上闲逛更好的方式来观看和拍摄它。Here are some of the best places to capture a few colorful street art shots.

  • The NYC High Line是拍摄自然与街头艺术和建筑轻松融合的完美场所。
  • The Bushwick Collectiveis an outdoor street gallery with inspirational and ever-changing murals.
  • The Centre-Fuge Public Art Projecttransforms common streetscapes into beautiful works of art.Check their social media channels to find out where they'll be during your visit.

Photographer's tip:试着和画框里的人拍几张照片,给作品的规模和生活。


If you prefer to take candid portraits,head to the busier parts of town.Set up your camera at one of the locations below and wait for a perfect photo to come into view.

  • 5th Avenueand 57th Street是纽约最繁华的十字路口之一。All you have to do here is wait.
  • Broadway是美国最广为认可的街景之一。Everywhere you look is an amazing photo in the making.
  • 42nd Street,从大中心Times Squareis home to theaters,shops and fascinating architecture.These paired with some local characters are the perfect ingredients for stand-out street photography.

Photographer's tip:To capture a sharp moment in time,use a fast shutter speed to avoid blur from moving objects.However,运动模糊有时会产生同样有趣的图像。If you have a tripod,use that to ensure static objects remain sharp.Play around with a slow shutter speed to create motion blur in passing pedestrians and traffic.

People crossing 5th Avenue in NYC - photo by Tourism Media


纽约有一个令人眼花缭乱的星夜摄影点。毕竟,this is the City that Never Sleeps.So,带上你的相机,lower that shutter speed and venture out at dusk.Here are some of the best places for night shots.

NYC Skyline


  • Brooklyn Bridge Parkis a lovely place to spend an afternoon.As the sun sets,watch the city light up.
  • South Street Seaportis a great spot to capture the sparkling NYC lights reflecting in the water.
  • Gantry Plaza State Parkis the perfect vantage point to take in the unmistakable New York skyline – and it gets even better at night.

Photographer's tip:使用三脚架获得更清晰的图像。如果你晚上开枪,dusk or dawn,降低快门速度以获取尽可能多的光。

New York City skyline at dusk from Brooklyn Bridge

From the ground

New York lights up when the sun sets.From its buildings to its ever-buzzing streets,在晚上有很多东西要捕捉。以下是一些建议:

  • Grand Central Terminal在白天是标志性的,但是当太阳下山的时候,它照亮了金色。
  • Brooklyn Bridgeis stunning at night.试着捕捉它从水下反射的光。
  • Times Square是一个令人眼花缭乱的色彩展示。It is even more captivating at nighttime.
  • 唐人街is adorned with lanterns and neon lights.It comes alive when the sun goes down.

Photographer's tip:出去晚一点以避开人群。

Times Square in NYC at night.广告牌照亮了交通拥挤的街道。

Capturing pictures of the famous New York City skyline

Of course,you can't return home without a jaw-dropping shot of that iconic Manhattan skyline.Capture NYC's unmistakable architecture from the very best places in and around the city.

From above

Here are some of the best places to shoot New York City's famous skyline,from above.Get ready to start ticking these off your bucket list:

  • 顶部帝国大厦is one of the best places to get spanning 360-degree views of the New York City.
  • Rockefeller Center's岩石观测台顶部is the perfect place to get an incredible view (and shot) of the Empire State Building as well as the rest of the city.

Photographer's tip:使用三脚架或相机网格保持水平。You'll thank yourself later!

View of New York City Skyline from the top of the Empire State Building


If you're hoping to take an awe-inspiring panorama of the iconic skyline from afar,我们建议前往这些地点拍摄这座城市的世界著名建筑:

  • 跳上飞机The Staten Island Ferryto get some amazing shots of the city from otherwise unreachable angles.
  • Liberty State Parkis a lovely place to take in the city skyline from a distance.Wake up early and get out there for an amazing sunrise shot.

Photographer's tip:广角拍摄,以捕捉城市天际线的巨大,并使用三分之一的规则给你的照片深度。(Rule of thirds: yabobreak down the frame into thirds both horizontally and vertically – into nine parts – and frame the scene accordingly.)

The famous New York City skyline at twilight

Especially unique places to take photographs in NYC

计划拍摄一些不同的东西?如果你在纽约寻找拍摄照片的独特地点,we've got a treasure trove of options for you.


On the hunt for unusual views of NYC?If you're all about that colorful feed,then head straight to these vibrant spots:

  • 康尼岛is home to the renowned Luna Park as well as plenty more amusement rides and attractions.
  • DoyersStreetin the Chinatown area is lined with colorful shopfronts.This area makes for some vibrant photography opportunities.
  • 汤姆·弗林水塔是布鲁克林大桥公园附近的彩色玻璃雕塑。当太阳出来的时候,你可以通过彩色的玻璃看到一些恒星般的光线反射。

Photographer's tip:If your camera has RAW shooting capabilities,use this setting to ensure you can enhance these colorful images in post-production.

Luna Park,康尼岛。Photograph of colourful spinning ride in motion.



  • Dead Horse Baywas once a horse rendering plant,然后是19thcentury landfill.今天这里是瓶滩的家,一个有趣的地方,一些独特的摄影机会。
  • City Hall Station是纽约街道下一个废弃的地铁站。它的圆顶天花板使一些不可否认的独特的拍摄。

Photographer's tip:用角度进行实验,给出一个独特的视角。

Photo tours in NYC

If you'd prefer to tour the city with an expert,why not go on a photography tour?Here are some fabulous guided tours that are sure to cater to shutterbugs of all levels of experience.


Explore the city streets with a clued-up guide.为你做了这么多努力,you can relax and take some amazing shots with the help of a professional:

  • Take a中央公园步行头Rto explore this lush labyrinth with an expert.All you need to bring is your camera.
  • Go on a布鲁克林街艺术之旅to be shown the best street art spots in the city.
  • 迎头痛击下东区旅游to be shown the most interesting (and photo-worthy) areas of this trendy part of town.

Aerial Photography

如果你有办法,helicopters give you angles you won't find atop skyscrapers,and much less on the ground.这里有几个:

Make sure to check out our image library for tons of纽约的好照片

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